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Saab to restart production in Qingdao soon

Alfred Tian/田永秋

SHANGHAI--A Swedish government delegation led by Håkan Ekergren, State Secretary of to Minister of Enterprise, Energy and Communications is scheduled to meet with the management of National Electric Vehicle Sweden (NEVS)  during Auto Shanghai 2013, one of the biennial  auto shows in China.

NEVS, the buyer of bankrupt assets of Saab Automobile AB, is planning to have a joint ventures with Chinese Qingdao government to restart the Saab 9-3 in Qiangdao.

The delegation will also plan to visit NEVS' charging-stations in Qingdao, the planned production area for the future Saab vehicles as well as NEVS' battery plant in Beijing.

The delegation's another important task is to visit NDRC and MIIT, two watchdogs for Chinese auto industry, to exchange views on future Saab production in China. Most likely the Swedish delegation is to urge Chinese government to approve NEVS' Saab JV in China asap.

NEVS has been planning to restart gasoline and hybrid powered Saab vehicles as well as Saab electric vehicles both in China and Sweden. Last week, NEVS has signed Finnish engineering and electric driving system supplier Etteplan to help develop electric driving system and air conditioning system for Saab EVs. NEVS also announced last week to expand its battery capacity in Beijing to satisfy the battery demands from Saab EVs.

NEVS completed the acquisition of bankrupt Saab Automobile AB, Saab Powertrain and Saab tools AB in the mid-2012. And the company aim to revive Saab brands through the launch of EVs and gasoline powered Saab 9-3 in late 2013.


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